Chewbacca is the Rebel Alliance's Favorite Wookiee. In his prior role as First Mate of the Millennium Falcon, Chewebacca bravely fought not only the sinister Empire but also the impulsiveness and dry wit of the dashing Captain Han Solo. Chewie and Han -- and the many colorful funny-haired rubber-faced dialogue-challenged characters who entreated their services -- enjoyed a great many space adventures in their galaxy far far away.

His halcyon days long passed, Chewbacca has since retired to his home planet of Kashyyyk. He lives a quiet life there with his family; Mallatobuck, Attichitcuk, and the ever-adorable Lumpy. As a highly-decorated veteran of the wars against the Empire, Chewbacca is a well respected member of the community, and he can often be found signing autographs at conventions and civic ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Amongst other notable efforts, he has spearheaded the formation of many funds and charitable organizations which sustain and improve the life of his fellow Wookiees and their lush jungle planet. Chewie's friendly demeanor and well-spokenness is legendary.

Like many modern creatures, Chewie enjoys spending his leisure time on teh internets. You can keep tabs on his comings and goings by following him at @cr_wookie .

Technical Concept

This personality engine is indeed a hairy multi-layered beast. We even wrote up a huge blog post about his many-faceted talents.

At the lowest level, @cr_wookie uses a phoenetic Wookiee dialect powered by MadderLib . The initial vocabulary is a set of 57 words comprised entirely of the letters A E G H N R and U. A later addition was the letter W, and both the letters O and K were considered but later discarded for aesthetic reasons. Those letters require lip movement, and Chewbacca's use of his lips is quite a subject of debate. Inspiration for the Wookiee dialect came from a great many curious and varied sources. Go ahead, try to pronounce the tweets ... loudly. That's part of the fun!

@cr_wookie's next layer is the basic sentence composition. Again, this is driven by aesthetics; nothing terribly special there. We just make this sh!t up. The individual monosylabic words are composited and interleaved to form a rich visual grammar. There are also a bunch of punctuations, emoticons and txt argot which are injected contextually to support the overall structure.

The next layer of the architecture is the tweet composition itself. Another set of aesthetic rules are used to assemble them up from the previous simpler components. There are a limited number of basic tweet structures which are chosen by weighted proportions and filtered with simple non-repeat logic.

The top-most layer of the personality engine is its emulation of standard Twitter memes. @cr_wookie is capable of re-tweeting, quoting over-heards, contributing to popular #hashtags, referencing his followers' user handles, and promoting links from his favorite blogs. We won't bore you with the details; the results should tweet for themselves.

@cr_wookie will regularly reply to other Twitter users who have recently used the term wookie, chewbacca, and the other usual suspects. And if you reply back to him, there's a chance that he will re-post your tweet using the Wookie dialect.

Twitter Bots

"ruuuuhrnn uhrn urrn aaur rrrhhhrrr" ^_^

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