POKEY THE PENGUIN is an educational children's cartoon. It has been published sporadically since 1998, and features the exploits of Pokey in his tireless quest to protect ARCTIC CIRCLE-CANDY from those devious ITALIANS. Many thanks to THE AUTHORS for this metric ton of surreal hilarity.

Please BE POKEY's FRIEND and follow him as @cr_pokey. YES!!

Technical Concept

So far, the personality engine contains select (?) quotes from the first 250 strips. They're not worth OCR automation, given the excess use of strike-through text and other imaging incongruities, so it's a manual task. This initial pool contains nearly 700 quotes. All quotes come from POKEY THE PENGUIN ARCHIVES!!, and are are made by either POKEY or a character who looks or acts much like POKEY and is otherwise indistinguishable from POKEY.

@cr_pokey's dialogue has been broken down into blurts, greetings and general statements. There is a re-cycling pool of each. Many blurts and greetings will repeat, but not all of them, and not immediately. Statements should not repeat until their full cycle is through. Punctuation counts! Given his tweeting periodicity, @cr_pokey should never make the same statement in any given year (though the same can surely not be said for blurts or greetings, which are intended as semi-predictable padding, much like they are used in the comics themselves).

@cr_pokey will occasionally reply to other Twitter users who have recently used the term pokey, penguin, plus a few others. The Twitter handles for other characters such as MR NUTTY and SKEPTOPOTAMUS are meant to be completely bogus until someone decides to create those accounts.

@cr_pokey will occasionally link back to the episode where the quote originally appeared.

Twitter Bots


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